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Implementation of Total Physical Response in Teaching Learning Numbers 11- 20 of First Grade at SDIT Permata Kota Mojokerto


I am an English teacher at SDIT Permata Kota Mojokerto. I teach first grade. There are some problems faced by students in learning numbers 11 – 20. There are some students have different emotional state like sad, anxiety in learning English. The causes can be from the students or teacher.

  1. It comes from the students
    a. Mostly it comes from their learning experience
    b. Lack of preparation will absolutely make students feel anxious
    c. They fear of making fool of themselves in public
    d. Most of them feel that English is difficult lesson
    e. Every student has different interests in learning subject
    f. They have different background knowledge in English
  2. It comes from the teacher
    a. The classroom activities are not interesting
    b. The method is not suitable with the students’ need
    c. The media does not vary
    d. Teacher do not understand about the students’ need or their difference

Why is this practice important to share? This practice is important to share because it can give motivation for the teachers themselves, it is also hoped that they can be a reference or inspiration for other fellow teachers. This practice can motivate the others in choosing variety method, more innovative media, tools and learning materials so that it can make easier for teachers to create fun and meaningful learning for students.

My roles and responsibilities in this practice are identify learning problems that occur at school, look for alternative solutions from various sources, including literature, interviews with school principals, school supervisors, colleagues and experts to find out the appropriate method for students. So that learning objectives and student learning outcomes can be achieved in accordance with the expectations to be achieved and get maximum results.


This learning is carried out on Tuesday, Januari 23rd, 2024. At this practice, the students’ learning objectives are the students can do the simple commands correctly, the students are able to count the things accurately, and the students are able to say numbers correctly.

1. Challenges
A. The challenges in this practice are:

  1. Need more time in preparing media
  2. Full of patience for first grade
  3. It still needed more time in practicing how to count the things correctly
  4. Lack of variety media, tools
  5. Most of them feel that English is difficult lesson
  6. The classroom activities are not interesting
  7. The method is not suitable with the students’ need

B. The parties involved
The parties involved are the English teachers, students, supervisor, and colleague.
We need more discussion and collaborative in order to achieve learning objectives.

2. Action
A. The steps are taken to face challenges:

  1. Teachers identify problems, literature reviews from several journals and conduct interviews with colleagues, school principals.
  2. The teacher formulates the right solution to face these challenges
  3. The teacher coordinates with the school principal and deputy head of curriculum regarding the activities to be carried out.
  4. Choose appropriate method and creative media
  5. Using technology/TPACK
  6. Preparing students’ worksheets

B. Strategy used
In this moment, I used Total Physical Response (TPR) method. Learning strategies are using commands to direct behavior and action sequence. Learning medias are number flash cards, ice cream sticks, pictures of the different object, number English song. Here, I used TPACK by playing the number English song. I used this strategy because TPR was developed in order to reduce the stress people feel when they are studying other languages “Techniques and principle in Language Teaching” by Diane Larsen-Freeman and Marti Anderson, 2011”

C. The process
The process of implementing TPR in classroom are:

  1. Preparation phase
    Teachers with the guidance of lecturers and tutors design innovative learning. Prepare creative media (number flash cards, ice cream sticks, pictures of the different object, number English song) that make fun and enjoy for the students
  2. Implementation stage
    I implemented TPR method by using number flash cards, ice cream sticks, pictures of the different object. Learning activities include introductory, core and closing activities. The students did the commands from the teacher. They point to the numbers and count the ice cream sticks in accordance with the teacher’s commands. The students said the numbers and did the worksheets.
  3. Reflection
    The teacher and students make conclusion what did they learn and make reflection each other. The students express their feel in studying numbers 11-20.

D. The parties involved
The parties involved are the English teachers, students, and home room teacher.

E. Resources/materials needed to implement the strategy.

  1. Teacher’s competencies
  2. Facilities, tools (LCD, speaker)
  3. Teaching media (number flash cards, ice cream sticks, pictures of the different object, number English song)
  4. Students’ worksheets
  5. Assessment sheets

3. Reflection
A. What is the impact of the action from steps taken?

1. For the teacher

  • Increasing teacher competence in designing learning meaningful, interesting and innovative
  • Increasing teacher competence in manage the class so that students always active in learning

2. For the students

  • Students are more enthusiastic when learning process
  • Students are more enjoyable because they felt fun in learning
  • numbers
  • Students are more active in learning numbers 11-20

B. Are the results effective?
The results are effective. It can be seen from result of assessment:

  1. When the students did the command, most of them could do it. They counted the things correctly then they said the number.
  2. The result of independent activity was satisfied. Most of the students got good result.

C. How do other people respond to the strategy being implemented?

  1. The principal and fellow teachers provide positive reinforcement to always
    apply a variety of learning models and media.
  2. Students feel happy and enjoy because the learning process uses varied and interesting media

D. What are the factors for the success or failure of the strategy implemented?
The success factor for this learning is largely determined by the teacher’s
mastery of learning media, methods, models and steps in the learning
implementation plan that has been made.

E. What was the learning from the whole process?
As an English teacher, we always up to date all about English teaching learning. There are:

  1. I will be more creative in choosing media
  2. Increase the competence in teaching learning technology/TPACK
  3. Increase the literature about English teaching learning especially for beginner
  4. Increase collaboration with English teacher community
  5. Giving more chance for students to practice
  6. A teacher must improve skills and learn to understand students’ needs

That was my experience in English teaching of first grade. The conclusion is that the teacher needs of creativity and learning innovation so that the students feel happy and more active in English learning.


Diane Larsen-Freeman and Marti Anderson, 2011, Techniques and principle in Language Teaching, third edition, Oxford University Press.


Students do the command (count the ice cream stick) in accordance with the instruction
Pembelajaran bahasa inggris permata
Students repeat the pronunciation of numbers 11-20
Students listen the number songs
Student do the command (point to the number) in accordance with the instruction
The teacher checks ice cream sticks after the students count them
The student counts the image that sticked out on the wall

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